Lets face it, any version of anything that includes the added ingredients of wasp is automatically the worst possible version.

If you missed it, on Saturday I whipped out another quick Greenlight strip.

In other news can anyone recommend a decent space MMO for Android that I can fiddle with to and from work. I’m in the mood at the moment. I’ve been revisiting No Mans Sky on and off but it’s just given me the hankering for a proper space sim, so I’ve drifted back to Elite: Dangerous. Sitting there with it’s obtuse controls and amazing sound design. I guess if I’m still playing it in a week I’ll have to shell out and get the Horizons expansion pack.

↓ Transcript
You may have noticed that two things can seem almost the same except one totally sucks.

Bees. Wasps!

Coke! Pepsi!

Cereal! A cereal box full of wasps!