Yeah, I know they were supposed to have fled to Egypt before baby killing kicked off, but what if it didn’t happen that cleanly? Mary is generally held up as a paragon of innocence and purity, but I’d put good money on the fact that she, like almost any mother, would go to any extent to protect her child. It wouldn’t be an inappropriate origin story for a man of peace who was followed by violence, and left behind a legacy tempered in blood.

Merry Christmas one and all, from the Izak Smells crew!

↓ Transcript
Mary and Joseph are huddling together inside their humble house. Mary cradles an infant Jesus protectively in her arms. They are looking in the direction of the door - someone is pounding on it and shouting.
“Open up, by order of King Herod!”

Two soldiers burst through the door to see Joseph standing there alone.
“Where’s your boy?”

One of the soldiers has moved forward to Joseph, threatening him with a sword.
“I don’t have time for this shit. Tell me where he is or-”

The same frame composition as the previous. This time the soldier has a surprised look on his face, there is a swish around his neck showing that something has just passed along its side. There is blood spurting from a clean slice - Joseph is spattered with it.

Mary is standing with Jesus cradled in her left arm and a small knife in her right hand. The other soldier is slumped behind her. Blood sprinkles her clothes and face. Some has also sprayed across Jesus.
“No one’s going to hurt little Jesus.”

A close up on the face of the infant Jesus, staring with wide-eyed curiosity up at his mother. There is a light spray of blood across one side of his face and surrounding swaddling cloth. Mary’s words come from above.
“No matter what.”