This is a real conversation about a real story that is way more entertaining yet way too embarrassing to properly tell yet.

I’ll let the passage of time heal that wound.

I spent all weekend being thoroughly unproductive, going to Taste of Auckland (expensive and awesome), moving a house (cheap), and playing Overwatch (free). Mostly picking Sombra no matter what the game mode was because I have an addiction for making all these little bars line up perfectly.


I make it a minigame of mine to always play the bottom three characters when appropriate. It means I spread out the gameplay experience while also playing with a few characters I’d otherwise avoid.

↓ Transcript
Original untweeked conversation:

Izak: I actually have a note to draw my work-pissing-pants story into a comic.
Matt: Hahaaa that would be good
Izak: It fucking better be
I'm not pissing my pants for anything less than brilliant.
Matt: Inspirational
"Don't piss your pants for anything less than brilliant" - Isaac Taylor, 2015