When we picture ultra-advanced robots who can think and feel like us, we almost always imagine them looking like humans. That’s understandable – in our experience, highly intelligent life pretty much only looks like us. But really, when you think about it – why would they want to be anything like us? Beyond some vestige of creator worship, which they might bypass altogether, there’s no good reason to emulate some carbon-based animal that’s been flung together by chance and improved blindly and extemporaneously.

This is a subject that we’ve explored in the past, in this bonus strip which never made it as an official comic because we only did funny strips back then:

↓ Transcript
A bedroom. Long satin gloves and a fur stole are draped over the back of a chair.
Caption: Now that they’ve left, I don’t have to pretend.

An evening dress and underwear lie puddled on the floor.
Caption: I can look how I want to look, feel what I want to feel.

A female figure sits at a vanity with her back turned to us. She is fully nude, looking in the mirror. In the mirror, we can see she is peeling back her face to reveal glistening mechanics below.
Caption: Now the humans are gone, I can finally be myself.