Before anyone loses their shit, let me say this upfront: I do not think that Hitler was merely a misunderstood individual who made a few mistakes. His particular species of madness tore the world apart at the seams, spawning loss, heartache and pain that endures and echoes to this day. But he was still human, essentially like you or me. In fact, to distance him from the rest of us not only lessens his culpability but lulls us into thinking that we’re forever above doing terrible things for the sake of misguided ideals. And we certainly are not that.

↓ Transcript
Two men are standing side by side with their backs to the viewer, looking out over 1945 Berlin at sunrise. Thick plumes of smoke are rising from several buildings in the distance.
“Mein Führer - it’s time to pull back to the bunker.”
“You know, this would have made a beautiful painting.”
{NB: They would be looking to the east. The Führer should be a little shorter than the other man.}