Hey Stonelord, long timeĀ no see.

I’m sitting here surrounded by goodies I was given over Christmas. I want this tradition of giving chocolates to be replaced with bags of corn chips or something. To much sweet stuff! I’m not some young chimney sweep with a lust for lollies. I need salted stuff! Or more bourbon.

Just a thought.

↓ Transcript
"Shall we take you to the elevator Stonelord?" "No. Stonelord shall take the stairs."
And then him thinking to himself "Stonelord can do this!"
and then the last panel is him bailing down the stairs. maybe going through a window.
What if it was a spiral staircase and he starts to fall down the stairs but smashes through them because he's so heavy. In the final panel he is triumphant among the wreckage, with a gaping hole above him?