People only get about 30,000 days on earth to muck around, so make sure you’re mucking to your full potential!

I jumped back into Destiny 2 last night courtesy of the Ben mentioned in the comic. I was turned away from the DLC purely by how steep that damn price was and how unenthused my friends group in general was about shelling out even more money for a game that wasn’t quite tickling them in the right way.

Rebounding to Warframe instantly scratched the looter itch, and that speed! Hot damn. Destiny feels like the slowest game in existence after Warframe. I’m constantly trying to hit crouch and jump to do a barrel roll around the tower and it just isn’t working. Destiny has the makings of a great game, if it only didn’t have the shackles of being a numbered franchise wiping your loot out every couple years. Every time I play it I start coming up with ideas for a better game, while with Warframe I’m just completely satisfied.

With all that said I’m keen to gobble through what Forsaken has to offer in terms of cinematics.

One thing Destiny does get right however is the music, which in the short time I’ve played it (since the launch of D2) has already hit me straight in the nostalgia button.

Also I should have a review coming soon of Spiderman, although I’m sure you all know how it will go (no, no comparisons of Warframe anywhere).