The goldfish part of this comic is completely true. It’s a true thing that happened. I’m not sure whether it’s customary in some circles to freeze the corpse so it remains in pristine condition for the returning family coming back from Disneyland to properly mourn the loss of their dear loyal Bubbles The Goldfish. I’ve always been of the opinion that evidence should be disposed of post haste! Either way, it’s a sweet gesture, if not a little macabre.

Personally if you ever house sit my place, I want you to burn my pets on a pyre on my neighbours veranda. It’ll send them a message. I don’t need to send them a message or anything, they’re great people, but why waste a good message?

↓ Transcript
Hey thanks so much for house sitting!

You're welcome! But I'm so sorry your fish died. So i froze them so you could say goodbye!

What the hell? Really? That's so fucked up!

Oh, really? Is it?


Well I guess you don't want to hear about how I've been storing your dog then.