This was one of those early morning commute thoughts. I don’t know what prompted it. Maybe it’s safest not to pry too much into it.

I got my hands on a Samsung Note 7 today to review, and I have to say, this is the first smartphone I’ve ever wanted to draw with. I did a blueline sketch for a possible strip (which you’ll never see because Becky vetoed it because of how hilarious it was) on it, and it was a lot of fun. I’m using Autodesk SketchBook, so expect plenty of random doodles to make their way onto my Twitter over the next week.

The S pen is about the only decent pressure sensitive pen in the Android market, and they’ve finally got the nib down to thickness that’s bearable to draw with. It has a button on the side which is totally useless. If someone can tell me what it’s supposed to do, or whether I can map shortcuts to it that’d be dope of you.

↓ Transcript
“My daughter wanted a pony piñata for her birthday. But I couldn’t find any…”

“So I just put post-it notes on her actual pony.”

A mangled pony is hanging by its neck from a tree, as post-it notes waft in the breeze. A shell shocked young girl in a fairy costume is still holding a bloodstained baseball bat.