Izak: Today comes with a special bonus comic. The bonus one isn’t a “ha ha” comic so we didn’t want to include it as an official strip, so instead have it down here with the words.

Kristof: This bonus strip came out of one of our (many) discussions about AI, sparked by the idea that sentient machines may have absolutely no interest in emulating humanity. Both of us found the phrase “Why would I want to be like you?” chilling for some reason, and so the comic was born.



↓ Transcript
Non-Izaksmells 3-panel:

MCU on a talk show host. He is speaking to someone beyond the edge of the panel. A ‘lower third’ graphic reads ‘Exclusive: World’s smartest robot, live in studio.’

“Gibson, many have expressed concern that your intelligence is increasing at an unprecedented rate. What do you have to say to those who claim that you could soon realistically mimic human behaviour?”

We see Gibson for the first time. Its creators may have given it an anthropomorphic head to begin with, but it has so extensively modified itself that it’s hard to tell. It looks cold, inscrutable and vaguely predatory. For a whole panel, Gibson merely stares. It doesn’t need the time to think. It already understands suspense - and fear.

P3: “Why would I want to be like you?”