Hey I’m doing the writing for Becky this time around because she’s been hauling ass all night to get you this comic. On top of this she’s whipping out a bunch of new bookmarks for us to use as envelope stuffers for items on the store. We’ll share some artwork of that as soon as they’re ready!

We had a lot of fun on Twitch last night though and met a fine selection of human beings. We’re essentially becoming ambassadors for New Zealand, describing how awesome it is (and how bad it is in some instances, looking at you teen suicide rates). Talking to people via Twitch kind of feels like those early days on MSN where you shoot the shit with randoms and kind of learn about their world a bit. I’m sort of surprised at how good it feels.

Becky here!
Come say hi to us on Twitch! If you’re from another part of the world, tell me what your favourite national dish is and I’ll do my best to cook it. Not like right there and then though, in like, my own time. And then I’ll eat it.

↓ Transcript
I hear you thinking, "what does a snail look like when it's inside its shell?" I'm here to answer all your questions.
Snail smile in shell just folds and folds of skin