We all need a Hubert in our life. Some selfless individual that can swoop in when we need him most, biff that child in the air, and quickly finish them off without a fuss.

I idly drew Hubert on my Note 7 and Kristof instantly had his interest piqued so he decided to write some fanfic a script to introduce the little guy officially into IZS.

I’m a bit disappointed about this sudden news flash that Lithium Ion batteries totally explode occasionally since the dawn of forever, meaning a complete recall of the Note 7’s. I’m digging mine at the moment and it hasn’t taken a leg off or anything, which I’m very chuffed about.


Oh one more thing! Check out our new fancy site design! Not much has changed but everything surrounding the comic has gotten a lot cleaner. Thanks Becky for doing the design concepts and buttons. Thanks me for struggling with WordPress for an evening getting it all mostly working. Still got some Mobile issues to iron out.


↓ Transcript
A rabbit with a sword heads down the steps of his apartment.
Caption: Hubert heads out for another day of heroics.

Hubert is waiting for the bus with a few other people, including a mother holding a loudly bawling baby. Hubert is approaching the mother, reaching toward the baby.
“If I may assist, madam?”

Hubert has thrown the baby up in the air, tennis serve style, and is preparing to bat it across the road with his sword.