As far as I knew, the only way to fold a fitted sheet was to try your best and then eventually give up and screw it up into a ball. However, there are far more patient and talented people who can in fact fold a fitted sheet.

The strip was inspired by a tweet with Dylan Horrocks, the New Zealand “comics guy”, because in this country we designate one person for each thing.

I’ve started playing Destiny 2 on PC this weekend. I’d love to share some screenshots because damn it’s a beautiful looking game (and runs amazing on PC as well, so well optimised!) but there seems to be hassles with overlays not working. You may have even heard spurious reports that people have even been banned for using them. I’m not sure about all that but at the moment I’m wondering if an IZS clan is a good idea or not. If I hear enough interest from you guys I’ll rig something up.

Btw, once again the character is Miss Charlotte Cake who also featured a while ago in this comic. Hopefully she’s ok with immolation. I guess she’ll be spending a lot more time in one of these.

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And that's how you fold a fitted sheet!

Burn the witch!

Black Magic!