She then baked a bluebird pie, which may not have been the most slimming choice, but was certainly the most satisfying option.

Today’s strip features a real life Disney princess, Miss Charlotte Cake. Seriously, we barely had to change a thing to transform her into today’s diet-oppressed protagonist. I’ve been looking to work the characterful Charlotte into a comic for quite some time; it was just a matter of finding the right opportunity. Sorry you had to get cake slapped. Those woodland creatures may look cute, but they’re little nazis at heart.

Edit: Here’s the original uncoloured version. I redid the comic in colour for Instagram.

↓ Transcript
A bluebird is fussing over a disney-like princess. The princess is unenthused by all the fuss.
“You have to be perfect for the Prince!”

The bluebird slaps a slice of cake out of the princess’ hand. The princess looks about ready to shank a bitch.
“Too many calories!”