Poor dude. I mean, without his horse he’s just that weird looking guy with a really weak chin.

In other news, we’ve just signed up for the Hamilton Zinefest – it’s the first fest of the year to open for entries and we’ve been brainstorming how to create a bigger, better stall for y’all. We’re planning to have all sorts of new and exciting merch for you guys to check out, so if you’re in the area (come on, Auckland counts as “the area”, right?) pop in to Creative Waikato on May 13th and say hi! There are always loads of super talented creators at these fests, so even if you hate us (why are you still reading this?) you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time.

↓ Transcript
The headless horseman and his horse in couples counselling. The horse is awkwardly propped up on the couch, not anthropomorphically sitting, and it does not look impressed.
“Listen to me: you are not defined by your relationship with this horse.”
“Well, you say that…”