Finally worked the water nymph into a strip. Kind of a mistake tbh, it wasn’t going to be an IZS piece at all but after Kristof sent over the first line (a much dirtier reworking of what was originally there) it got it across the line.

The site has changed to a new theme so you’re going to see some odd funkiness around for a while as I work out the kinks.



On another note, yesterday we went to the book launch of our friend Z! Congrats Girl! You’re an absolute machine when it comes to putting books together. We were lucky to be in her last book, and in the header of her site you can even see one of our strips in the background! She’s rad and you should definitely stalk all her stuff.

↓ Transcript
I don't usually give head on a first date, but for you I'll make an exception.


I'm going to need that water in your lungs back when you're done with it.