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He yiffed All The Yiffing Yiff Berries

Perhaps just stay well away from anything Rule 34 related. It’s a boom industry and you missed the gravy train pulling away from the station. Although if you’re smart you’ll draw a generic Doctor Who in a compromising position with his face missing. Then when the new one is eventually announced you can just impose his face in there. Boom, you’re in the money. Shot.

I did a version of this comic with an alternative speech bubble Check it out and then figure out which one has the most value for you.


  1. Mr. Lovecr5aft Mr. Lovecr5aft May 3, 2016

    The cat saying “Fuckin meow or whatever” was gold.

  2. Bruudwin Bruudwin September 10, 2019

    although the alt version is the exact same as the one on this page? unless it was originally different then changed to the alt

    • Izak Flash Izak Flash Post author | September 16, 2019

      sorry, comments get modded before going up. aaaages Later I actually came back and made the alt the main version, because it was superior, haha. I think originally that “fucken meow or whatever” was just entirely abscent.

  3. Bruudwin Bruudwin September 10, 2019

    very sure i commented on this page earlier, but it hasn’t popped up?
    i too, heavily enjoyed the ‘fucking meow or whatever’ XD

    was the alternative speech bubble comic, originally ‘fucking meow’ or something else? i have no idea whats different. sometimes ive seen webcomic people do this. Then choose one or the other. like ‘heres A, or B, whichever you choose becomes the main comic’

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