We live our lives with deep filters on. We see what we expect to see, and understand what we want to understand, because it’s much easier than constantly being alert, always questioning. Lovecraft liked to say that if we really comprehended the┬átruth, we’d lose our minds, but his horrors were always immense and universal. What if menace and madness lurked not in the deep reaches of space or at the bottom of the ocean… but in the shadow of a leafy bough?

↓ Transcript
A beautiful vista of a lone oak tree on a hill, with the sun setting behind. A couple is picnicking beneath its boughs.
Textbox: An ancient oak sits atop the hill, giving shelter to all that pass.
Textbox: It dreams of blood and vengeance, and the forest of its youth.
Textbox: This is the perfect picnic spot.