This conversation was preceded by a rant of mine about how hard it is to get in and out of limos, as they were my main form of transportation while I was in Vegas. You pretty much crawl out of it like a baby. It’s totally understandable that there are so many panty shots of actresses getting out of limos. I flashed my panties and I was wearing a solid pair of jeans.

And before you ask, no, cartoonists don’t earn a fabulous living that lets us experience limos so much that we find reasons to complain about them. Work sent me to Vegas to write a travel piece. It’s my first piece where I feel like there’s a lot riding on it. This is the thing about writing for publications. It’s a big long row of dick sucking going around in a big circle with the bosses, the staff and the PR agencies that contact us. So a reader wanders into the room to get some new information and all he’s confronted with is a dick sucking party with the writer going “I’d tell you the truth about this place but I really want to get given more free shit by this PR!”

The truth is Vegas was amazing. See you next time when I touch down in Brazil.

↓ Transcript
"You know what’s easy to get into and hard to get out of?"

"Poverty" gets cut off by "Our relationship?"

Sad sad silence