One of the greatest things about working on a collaborative comic project is the fact that there’s a lot of back and forth, and you can see ideas being hammered into shape before your eyes. For example: with Wednesday’s snail strip, Becky sent me a rough idea which I completely revised, after which she then tweaked it again to make it better. With this one, Izak completely changed the middle panel, nixing my penchant for obscurity in favour of a much better and easier to understand piece. Working creatively on your own is great too, ’cause you can pretty much do whatever you want (sort of, not really) but I have to say, I really dig producing this stuff as a team.

↓ Transcript
A desperately hopeful looking poisonous frog is standing by a busy jungle thoroughfare holding a sign reading FREE HUGS.

Animals hurry by, shunning the now dejected frog. Maybe one of them is even giving him the fingers. But one creature (perhaps an Agouti) hesitates, looking back sympathetically.

The Agouti lies dead in front of the frog, paws outstretched with froth coming out of its mouth. The frog looks on mournfully.
“I thought maybe it would be different this time...”