Kite was getting a bit neglected over her last few strips I think, mostly due to how much I fell in love with Mulebot, so I wanted to give her a chance here to show that she’s not just a batshit crazy adrenaline fiend. She’s that too, admittedly. And, believe it or not, there’s a bit of a story that this unlikely pair are building toward. Stick around long enough and you’ll start to see its shape.

↓ Transcript
A high, wide shot of Kite and Mulebot in the center of a circular park area in the midst of the crystal shard city. Around them, punctuating the flat ground, rise head high walls in a circuitboard-like labyrinth. A flock of roughly human sized, flying alien creatures swoops high above. Kite takes aim with her rifle. BLAM! We can see one of the creatures falling out of the sky.

The creature has been strung up by its hind legs on one of the walls. Kite is butchering it. Her arms are covered in blood up to the elbow, and she has a smudge of blood on her face. One of the creature’s limbs is roasting on a spit over a small fire. She has a cheeky smile on her face as she speaks.
“No one does. I’m going to live forever.”

A close up on Kite. She speaks soberly, earnestly now.
“But when forever ends, I hope I fall as gracefully as this one.”