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*Content Warning* This comic is about a pregnancy gone wrong! Read with caution.
Expecting is a comic I wrote to process the grief of what happened to myself and my husband earlier this year. When I first started writing it, I thought it was going to be a story of the new life we were starting together, only to have it go horribly wrong. However, I decided that I would keep writing the comic, mainly because I had a lot of processing to do. It was a project that helped me go through everything that happened and to accept it all. I also had a thought that I would enter it into the Chromacon Art Awards, the deadline was close so I hauled my butt to get it done in time. I spent many nights silently crying onto our drawing tablet, over an image that was too personal for words, but I finally got the comic done.

The description I used when submitting my comic. Might not be as good as something Kristof would write but it is what it is:
Life is a wonderful, fleeting thing. You begin to comprehend how precious it is when you try to create a tiny life of your own. It is a journey, and grief is too.

The Chromacon Arts Festival was an amazing experience, we got to meet so many of our art heroes, old mates and made some new friends along the way. The night of Chromacon art awards rolled around and I was nervous as heck. It was a wonderful evening of wine, garage project beer, fancy foods and some of the most talented artists in New Zealand. The Comic Art award winner was announced by Toby Morris and I think I nearly passed out when he said my name.

This is my story, Expecting.

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  1. Hannah Hannah June 4, 2019

    Just beautiful Becky. I love that you created this and hate that you had to live it. Thank you for sharing your talent and grief. Thank you also for the kindness you showed me when I miscarried and accidentally told you about it (ha ha), years ago now, by gifting me a wee water colour of a bird. I have it on my drawers still, as a reminder that people care, and love heals. Xx

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