Well it turns out it was way back in June we updated these twos little story. Perhaps I won’t leave it as long next time to update it.

Normally Kristof would do the write up for the Kite and Mule-bot strips but he’s AFK in India or something at the moment.

A lot is changing for everyone I know at the moment. Grandma just celebrated her 90th, and my sister and her kids are back from Asia after like 13 years or something. Oh also all my friends are evolving into home owners which is a supremely difficult task to achieve in my neck of the woods.

On the art side of things I have been trying to improve my shading on the Cintiq Pro “16, although that’s not something you’ve seen much on display in today’s comic. I did do this three quick jams to get me warmed up though with a new style. I’ve got a long way to go.


↓ Transcript
Kite and Mule-bot are in a dank basement-type chamber. A small mountain of tech-junk has been piled up against one wall - near the top of the pile, set into the wall, is a mysterious, circuit-style rune. Kite is already ascending the hill of junk.
“Wait here - I gotta check this out.”

Kite accidentally kicks off an avalanche that cascades onto Mule-bot.

Kite frantically tears at the mountain of detritus. Mule-bot’s voice, a little shaky, makes its way up from under the rubble.