You know how you’ll sometimes meet a minor character in a book, a movie or a comic, and you instantly want to know more about them? That’s what I was like with today’s Elder Woman. Who is she? What’s her deal? What is she doing on the earthly plane of existence? Are those floaty things extra eyeballs? We may never know.

Now that Nimbutt is starting to get out in the wild we’re starting to see the pin in some new and exciting situations, such as this one by our best pal Sophie Chung. We’re not advising you put Nimbutt on your butt, but if you do, we won’t complain.

↓ Transcript
"Man, I heard Jason is into all sorts of kinky shit."
"Yeah, I heard he was into elder women."
"Older women?"

cut to Jason. Hanging out with this 8 foot woman thing with floating eyeballs and crazy shit going on