I suspect that as my wedding looms closer there will be more and more of these sorts of comics, till we get to the point all I’m drawing is dad comics about how funny babies are, in particular, my own baby, which will inevitably make me famous after it “accidentally” falls into a giant vat of custard while my camera just happens to be turned on.

I’ve gotten into Yugioh recently. I’ve mentioned it in passing before, but I wanted to mention it again. This is sort of an ongoing phase of my adult years where I indulge my childhood with things I didn’t get to have back then. Yugioh was A. Satanic, and B. expensive. One of those back in the day would have been enough to rule it out of things I get to have fun with, but both at the same time puts it well out of my grasp.

These days though I’m A. Satan and B. Loaded (the true joke here), so now I’ve got a cardboard box full of cards. If you’re one of the creators I bought those stickers off from one of the Zinefests comment here! I’ve forgotten your name!

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The two stickers on the plastic interior boxes are ours though, from becky’s “I’m Organic” set. You can pick up a sheet for just $3. Perfect stocking stuffer perhaps? We can probably still get them to you before Christmas if you live in NZ! Just sayin’.

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↓ Transcript
I take this man...

I take this man.

To be my lawfully wedded husband...

To be my lawf-

Back off bitch I just married him first.