I discovered recently that Mule-bot has a small but highly devoted fanbase. So devoted in fact that one person (who, I’m not gonna lie, made my day) is actually considering cosplaying the blocky bot of burden at the upcoming Auckland Armageddon (New Zealand’s version of Comic-Con). Whether or not that ends up happening is immaterial – just the fact that someone thought about donning a cardboard box with sleeping roll and aerial attached and mystifying the hell out of everyone makes me unreasonably happy. Mule-bot was a character that emerged partly because Izak randomly put him in a Kite sketch, and partly because I had one haunting phrase that was rolling around in my head and refusing to leave me alone. He may have been born almost accidentally, but despite that I think he’ll be sticking around for quite some time to come.

↓ Transcript
Kite is riding Mule-bot - they are hovering over a lake in the middle of the crystal shard city, heading for a half sunken, enigmatic monument at the centre.
“Do you ever get tired of carting stuff around, Mule-bot?”
“No, I was made to bear burdens. But I do wonder what it would be like if I wasn’t.”