I’ve spend the last couple (hundred) weeks drawing a poster for IzakSmells. Unfortunately it won’t be going on the store because have you ever tried sending a poster anywhere? Pain in the butt, so you’ll have to buy our posters from us in person. We’ll be going to Hamilton Zinefest next month and Tauranga Zinefest the month after that so hopefully we’ll see you there!
However! If you really did want a copy of our posters and you live too far away to ever hope to see us in person, we are considering printing A5 versions of them so they can be easily posted anywhere in the world. Let us know if you’d like us to do that, the boys need convincing.


So this (above) is the poster I’ve been slaving away on. It still need a little work. So many fish!
Below is Isaac’s poster which was actually originally the artwork for our awesome banner. It was way too cool to only use once so I made Isaac turn it into a poster. I should be calling him “Izak” shouldn’t I? I’m going to burst your little bubble and tell you it’s actually spelt Isaac. And my name? You thought it was Becky? Well it’s NOT! It’s Rebekah. Like the biblical Rebekah. Like the one in the bible. Like the one in the bible that marries Isaac. Like the one in the bible that marries Isaac and has twin boys….

oh shit.



And Tandem the kitten added for that extra dash of cute.

For those of you just tuning in for the first time and think I’m creepy for hitting on my co-illustrator he is actually my fiancĂ©. This shit is just too good to make up.

Also twins runs in my family…