Based on a true story, not from yesterday but like, the day before? The next day when I went back to the same petrol station he casually told me my coke was 2 million dollars. I guess he isn’t the sort to get hung up on shit like propriety or any of that stuff we were told to say if we wanted to be allowed to be adults.

It’s this whole thing about having professionalism in the workplace right? There’s levels, you want to be professional in your outcomes sure. But what about professionalism in how you interact with your coworkers? Not slithering your tentacles around their ears is baseline, that’s not even professionalism, that’s just having respect for their ears.

Being quick and efficient in your discussions and not asking them the finer details of their doctors visits is the next step I guess. I don’t think professionalism should ever reach a point where you aren’t being genuine anymore. If you’re just aping how you imagine business people should act then GTFO. If you’re in some sort of service industry, tell me when you’re having a down day. I want to know how your cat died or your car got broken into. I want to draw that into a comic and profit off your misery. That’s all I’m really trying to say.

↓ Transcript
I had a true connection with someone yesterday.

Hey! How are you? (just this, thanks.)

I want to go home.

Wow. Me Too.