And we’re back from our honeymoon!
That’s right guys, two thirds of the IZS team is married to each other.
You might recognise Isaac’s handsome groomsmen in the photo below, Matt (left) and Kristof (middle) have been doing an awesome job at filling in for us while we’ve been away. My beautiful bridesmaids Lissy (left) and Harriet (right) are in the last frame there. And of course, my handsome new husband is the dork in the glasses xox

It’s good to be home. I thought I’d whip out my rusty drawing skills to do a post apocalyptic earth complete with alien archaeologists and a touch of foot crippling Lego. Not exactly easing myself back into it, but after battling with the third panel and the background of the first, I think I achieved what I wanted. I hope you all have a lovely week!


↓ Transcript
Humanity is dead
and alien comes to earth
"Sad really, all thats left of these people is their plastic"
The alien has stood on a pieces of lego