Bread and circuses, man. That’s all it takes.

↓ Transcript
It’s a new devil’s first day on the job in Hell. A foredevil hands him a pitchfork.
“Hey, it’s the new guy! We’re starting you off on the Pitchfork Pitch Pit so you can get a feel for the basics.”
In the background a vast bubbling lake of pitch contains countless unhappy humans.
The new devil is horrified.

Flinging the pitchfork aside, the devil dives into the pitch pit - much to the surprise of the foredevil.

The new devil pleads with the humans: “Listen to me! You don’t have to suffer. You outnumber us a hundred to one! Just-”
A grumpy old dude interrupts him: “Keep it down you dumb bastard or they’ll cancel cookie Wednesday.”