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Break my leg, Break my concentration.

Well here I am at 1am in the morning, Franks teaching Mum, Zak atak, and Wazowski how to play hearts. New in jokes have been spawned. Scratch the side of your head with your whole hand and look away from the respective person you have had an embarrassing conversation with, while making chomping sounds. Thus a make believe pak man creature eats your head.
Moments ago frank was releasing gas and wind from various orroficies at wazowski. Think that hiding under her top would be a good idea she pulled it over her face. As a counter measure she made sure franks finger got a taste of her eye.
Yesterday on the mount We decided to go for another walk up the mount. In a flurry of excitement Frank ran off to take a leak behind a tree. Before he got 5 metres he was already on the ground Howling. I admit I laughed when I saw it, but that was before I knew he had a sprain, or a break, or something. The X rays haven’t come back yet. He’s got it in a moon boot at the moment. Misleading name though, it is not air tight, and it doesn’t give you half the gravity of a regular boot.
We went to the beach for a bit which was groovy. “ILL NEVER LET GO JACK!” Immediatly lets go.
Zak atak standing by some props for a local production of king lear.
Tomorrow is a free day. Its the day where we let all the out of towner’s run out and get lost down our many “Friendly” side streets.
I found out the name of that crazy squiggly legs sticker artist. “Border Line.” Hes done a few more around Mount Eden. “Eden Crips” Went mental the other night and put stickers all over the place.
Things in the Bible that make me lol:(Exodus Ch.5 V.13) “Does that big sword make you a friend?” “…Maybe.”
(Nehemiah Ch.2 V.1) product placement in the bible “Hmmm I dunno, We have a better offer from ford.”
The hardest worker (Ch.3 V.20) “Oh my gosh! Nehemiahs writing a book isnt he? Damn, If I get in I better look as though I’m working!”
I have seen this dude around before, if anyone can read the wild styles or tell me who he is Ill probably be greatful or something.

Franks Soooo Cool Its scary

(“No, Put me,” Says Mum. & we all Know Mums the word.)

Hoky poky. So we had more personality tests today. Didn’t learn anything particularly new. Turns out Im a peaceful playful. So I get laxed out and good listeners, and also I love talking and getting in your face. Or so they say, I personally dont believe them, Im OUBviously a powerful leader who likes to line up pencils.

I need to slow down on this spending thing. Im going through it like we go through food a headspace. Or the way I go through coke….. At any point..

Last night we decided to play cheat. It pretty much ended with me *trying* to burp, falling off my chair onto the floor, and pulling a constipated expression while trying to laugh… Good times. Wazowski, Atak, Frank, and flash having a laughing fit.

frank [email protected]! just a quick what up and to say (i farted) i rock and roll (i built this city on that too) all night long, sweet suzi. oh and its not a very good idea to try and eat half of a watermelon larger than your head, as the oh so lovely mum and i found out this afternoon. i must say though, im slightly embarrassed at all the attention that zac atak is getting from the ladies, im not sure if they are joking or not, and frank (myself) and flash. i myhself have actually been told to get sleeping pictures of him, i might take a eyebrow for them for some DNA… LOL once again, im the man XD peace out xox

(Izak flash Again) Sorry, Im a gimp, MOUNT Eden, not GLEN eden. I noticed I kept saying that in my last post.

D-Day+4 (Waitangiday)

Woohoo. It is awesome as. 5 guys 10 gals. Having trouble remembering the girls names but I got all the guys on the first day.

The awkwardness didnt last as long as I thought. Actually we all pretty much clicked to begin with. Jeeze. I wish I could list all the in jokes which have already been spawned. Violent spoons for one. “That so nimrod” Has also picked up steam this morning because of some comments I made about the bible verse Genesis ch 10 vs 9. Im gonna try and make it popular again.

Russel took us for some hardcore study today. We have been put at the base of Glen Eden. Went for what must be our 5th walk to the top.

Sleep has been something I should be getting more of as well. Meh, Who cares. Only one other guy comes from Auckland (South). Others have come from as far afield as christchurch

Signs seem to be extremely scummy around here. even with all the posh as houses. Ha ha. We spied a waitangi day party from on top of the mount and decided to check it out. they had a brass band and a lot of suits. The police at the gates seemed to be rather serious about their job so we decided mixing and mingling wouldn’t work out to well.

Frank and Mum are my favourite.. Ill make them fight to the death to see who is the ultimate favourite.

I have been instantly recognized as the Cartoonist in the team. My Study Notes Look more like spasticated graphic novels. I Never realized that noah got naked and cursed his kids. Interesting stuff.

Woohoo!! An “Ouch” Tag!Ok, Everyones Lining up to have a go. Catch ya’ll later. (Or on sunday, cause were coming to make sure church is doing ok without me there.)

Homeless People & chalk

Homeless people –

I have discovered that if you spend a little more time getting to know your area you also discover its shameful little secrets. Hendersons a nice polished place. All the new structures going up make the place feel all new. Not to mention whoever designed them seem to have a crazed fetish for glass and sharp angles. Walking around I have come across increasing amounts of homeless people. They never bother me and I never bother them.. I sorta wonder how graffiti artists and homeless get on since under bridges are where these two species like to dwell. Its not uncommon to find them by the railway lines (As I found out while walking to work once.)

(I found this pic a while ago)

But it is surprising when You realize theres one camping out in the middle of town under a bridge where you regularly walk to get your spoilt rich butt some sugar laiden beverages.

These two pictures are taken under the bridge in Henderson, betweem falls hotel and pakNsave.

And Chalk-

Chalk is a fun way to participate in street art. For it Does no damage to anyones anything, and if it sucks it doesnt matter cause itl dissappear with the next rain. I got Matt to buy me a box of chalk for christmas and I have been putting it to some good use. Who says chalk is for little kids… Well everyone except me I guess. The “Make art not hate.” is sorta aimed at both onlookers and taggers. For the onlookers it would hopefully remind them of that 16-17 year old tagger who got killed about a week ago by a vigilante who caught him in the act. (Edit(2010): Bruce Emmary, the stabber, may or may not have not being doing it out of self defence.)
For the taggers, Do awesome art, that people will love to look at, like stuff Banksy does for instance, or some of the legal graff people do, like the one dedicated to Sir Edmund.

Is it just me or is this becoming a photo Blog. Oh well. =)

D day – Tminus 1 day

Props to Bolweevil for the Code help to get the tiled background working. While making Blogger easier for regular tamperers, its gotten harder for people who like getting right into the nitty gritty of the code.

Ok, Second explanation about this blog. Throughout the year I will also be sharing pictures from around Auckland and NZ showcasing street art and graffiti.
Woohoo for wildstyles

an awesome mural done on the side of the vodanovich dairy here in henderson.

D day – Tminus 2 days

ok so yesterday I thought it might be a good idea to get a bag to put stuff in… Pretty much sums up how ready I’m getting for leaving…. Im pretty sure I’m meant to be “Interviewed” at church on sunday. I should really ask what the questions will be or something. *Flash forward to Church,*
“So Izak, what are you going to be doing this year?”
“….. Dunno ai. LAWL.”
Ok, I should give it a practice now… This is for all the people who dont know all or any of the details.
*Is fed up with telling and writing about this to everyone. WHY MUST SO MANY PEOPLE BE NICE AND INQUISITIVE.
… Ok so theres this thing called headspace right its like a christian gap year thing where you get prepared for life and stuff so we’ll be going all over NZ and doing lots of cool stuff getting work experience and cross cultural training learning the bible a lot more and finally going over to thailand or philipeans and doing some good deeds and stuff unlike most gap years where you just go over to england and get smashed drunk.. Read it without breathing to get the full effect

Now is the time I have to tell you about someone special. Shes been with me for nigh on many years now. She has the cutest accent and the grooviest curly hair. Shes french and bodeacious.. I dont actually know what that word means but it sounds like something that goes there.. Shes french and french. What more do you need? We give the bestest hugs without ever hugging, the bestest conversations without ever talking. She is of course Cutie Pie! My sister! CAIT… You guys were getting so jealous for a second werent you. I KNEW it!

Coopers Beach Camp 08

Woa, thanks Hanna for making me get my ass into gear. I should really have written this right after camp, instead of two or three weeks afterwards. Now amongst daily distractions, and noises which never cease to banter me (In the form of parents) I shall now attempt to write a brief little thingy about camp. Hokay, so let’s start with incident number one.
Queue the crew from LRBC piling into the van and heading down the road. Zara gets wide eyes and goes, “I think I forgot my hand bag.” Me and Robert, noticing that she isn’t decisive enough to say that we should turn around to get it, tell Michael to turn around and go back to church. Shortly after this I get a phone call, before I pick it up Robert says “Wouldn’t it be funny if it was the people at church telling us that Zara left her bag behind.”
Dad (Over the Phone): “Zara Left her Bag behind.”

Half way there I get a text from Nicolian (Nicole), “Hey we’re here, should we start the meeting without you?” Well it was 10 o clock, or there abouts, and me and Robert decided she was joking. Cause for them to get there so quickly they would have had to have left at like 3 or 4 AM.

We get to camp and the mockumentary begins, Robby brought his camera (Which over the week will film kids desperately trying to get into shots, even if it means putting a hand (Or other limb) extremely close in front of the lens. If they were smart enough they would have wrote their name on their palm or something, but no.)

After tackling various people I haven’t seen for an entire year I ask Nicolian If she was serious about the text. Turns out they left at about 4 in the morning. I pity the fools. (Like mister T.)

Kids arrive: This years batch is missing quite a few of the regular familiars, but that’s cool, because it’s full of new ones. I get the older trouble makers. Woot. Unfortunately I don’t bond with these guys as much as I usually do. I guess its cause normally I get the ones with no friends, when camp starts, and all become friends with me, then each other, as the week goes on. Oh well. Sigh. Sucks a little.

Oh. MY. GOSH. Guys toilets now don’t look like the inside of a particularly stony hard kidney. Also the showers now have DOORS. Jeeze. Finally in the 21st century in that department. Shower curtains are not the way to go in a public place. Or maybe I’m just embarrassed and paranoid.

Other new renovations include a leader’s room, where we can hang out when we want (But I rarely do.)

After the meeting I help Tracey with the memory verses. The theme of the camp is about running the race. So we decide to pick very competitive games for the memory verses.
Let’s go through what we did.
Day 1: We did the spiny game, which involves a broom for each person. You look up at the broom, spin around a set number of times, put the broom down and jump over it three times, and then dive for the candy in the middle. It tends to make people go in the wrong direction and in general act like the village drunk trying to play hop scotch.
Day 2: Fear factor. THANK YOU SO MUCH random butchery up the road by four square, for giving us the lambs heart, cows kidney, and sweat meats, completely free of charge. God bless. You guys rock. Also thank you four square for making us have to buy the whole sushi kit just to get at the little jar of wassabi.
All those ingredients (Including a can of sardines) were fed to 2 lucky kids from each team. The Lambs heart team one. My god, I wish I gave a consolation prize to the wassabi kids, they were OWNED by that stuff. I myself tried each of the fear factor things to find out what they tasted like, and I have to say, wassabi SUCKS. One cracker with it on gave me a mighty kick. Two got me on the ground and made me almost throw; it felt like I just drank turpentine.
Day 3: (Or third day Adventist as I would say giggling, though no one else got it.) We did a game where as a team, they had to drink 4 litres of water, then run into the hall and put together a puzzle of the verse. Some dumb team did theirs outside, which must have been pretty hard since, grappling hands, small bits of flimsy paper, and most importantly, wind, never go together well. By the beginning of this day kids were getting excited about what we would be doing for the memory verse, because me and Tracey had grown a reputation for doing extreme and imaginative things for memory verses. Unfortunately I think we got lame from day 3 onward.
Day 4: We did a pictograph thing, where words are replaced by pictures. I told you we got lame. The leaders struggled getting it, but the kids were pretty switched on, FOILED, they were meant to be TIRED. Obviously I was the only one who was. Oh well, it got my drawing skills dusted down (As If drawing on kids arms and doing groovy patterns hadn’t already.)
This was also the time where I got an even more diabolical reputation when I said (As we were setting up) “Lets get this party rolling like a baby down a flight of stairs – waterman” This had mixed results of laughter, and people looking around with facials that said “Can he say that? In a church??” Then someone’s like, “You knows there’s a baby at the back right?” “Oh sorry,” I said into the mic, “I didn’t mean YOU personally.” To the baby.
Just as I was about to rub out the fairy (-ry, +th), A little girl screamed out “Don’t rub out the FaairRy!” I lol’d, took it as a complement, and then ruthlessly rubbed that pixy out of existence.
Day 5: We got lazy, nothing to see here.

Ok, other events, I made new friends! Yay! Izak, the home schooled, presumably social retard made friends. Hanna, who is quiet by nature, but groovy. How can being Scottish, and wanting to go to Peru (I’m sorry if it’s the wrong country) NOT be groovy!? Ha, first meeting
Izak: Hi, you must be our new junior leader. I’m Izak.
Hanna: Hi, yea, I’m Hanna.
Random girl: SHES TAKEN.
Izak: Oh. *gets distracted and runs off*
A whole bunch of other chicks, whose names escape me now, (huh, that’s what you get for not texting me constantly) But still with great personalities. Two who had hunger pains all week, and didn’t know it. One of these specimens of anorexia was 12, but I SWEAR looked 15, lol. Oh dear. She slept with my jumper one night, which was rather odd. Odder still was when I put it on next at the guy’s overnighter and got the overwhelming whiff of female. There wasn’t one of those for miles! How can it BE?!? Enough talk of fan girls now.
Oh yea, I got to know Teddy A lot better this camp, big Samoan guy, who does a great accent. He’s a barrel of laughs. So cool.

Ok, let’s go back to the first night, me, Robby and Chris are in the mouse house. A small room near the back of the camp. This is the basic setup

So as you can see from my marvelously made diagram created in 5 seconds, that me and Robby are in one half of the room and that Chris is in the other, there’s a curtain or something in the inner door. The other two doors open out into the dead of the scary night. Now me and Robby are talking, and the security light keeps turning on, I tell Robert to lye still damn it. We get talking about how it would be freaky if someone walked past the door and how much we would freak out (We are so manly.)
The I was like, “Dude, what if someone broke into Chris’s side of the room, and started beating the crap out of him and started stealing his stuff… We should totally just pick up our junk, and quietly go out our backdoor and leave him to it. No sense in all of us getting beaten up. We’ll just grab our sleeping bags and wallets, and go sleep in the main cabin. It’ll be like we were never there. Just ignore the problem and it’ll eventually go away… Along with a bunch of Chris’s stuff.”
We cracked up, you wouldn’t believe. Afterwards we were like, if we tried telling that story ever again… It would be so lame. We did, and it was.

Talking about lame, a repeat of last year happened with the skits. I’m pretty sure I’m cursed in that department. Now if it was me by myself I could pull off anything, but when it comes to a bunch of kids, where 90% of the boys don’t want to do it, things get a little tough. Our practices were pretty much spent making up jokes, and me quoting “Wayne’s World.”
As it happened, just like last year, we made it up while everyone else did their skits. Me and Hanna Ended up Selling weed to some northlanders, Nicolian was our Indian presenter, Fairies failed to materialize, Boys got a reason to beat up the little guy and put him in a fridge (Off stage of course, totally not part of the skit, but the “Get him out of the fridge!” Which was shouted got the most laughs.), a painter… I don’t know what was up with him to begin with… and I picture was taken, (which I failed to run out and take in time), All in all it was a painful experience, but a hilarious memory.
And anyway, the awesome cave man skit done at the end was so awesome; you can’t be on a downer after that.
On one of the later nights we were at camp I hit my low. Its something that happens at almost every camp I go to, at some point Ill just crash in a fiery emotional ball of twisted… emotion. It hasn’t happened at cooper’s beach camp before, or not so I recall anyway. I think it had something to do with my set of kids, and some one else’s (no pointing fingers), getting on my nerves and never taking the hint. So I decided it was high time to ditch this Popsicle stand and get some me time… I didn’t get that till about 1 in the morning. So I plug my MP3 in, pump out the Reel Big Fish, which is upbeat enough to get me happy, and hateful enough to get out the angst. I’m trudging along the beach and boy, all those beautiful stars don’t help much it seems, I can barely see a thing and I have never seen the tide so high. So I’m playing tag with the waves, not wanting to get my shoes wet. I get all the way down to the very end of the beach, where the last set of lights of houses shine. I climb some stairs which leads up off the sand onto a lawn of grass. I’m on the lawn of two really plush houses. I take the path of least resistance through a Japanese garden thing and down the side of the house. Lights are on in the living room, and I’m pretty sure I can hear people talking in there. I get out onto their drive way and the garage security light flicks on and blinds me. It freaks me out a little but I just keep going. I get out onto the bottom of a little cultisak. I keep walking and end up on the main road, I keep walking away from camp till I get to the sign welcoming people to Coopers beach. No more lights are down the road and I decide that’s as good a place as any to make the long walk back. When I do eventually get back (at like 3 in the morning) a few of the guys are still awake. Teddy is cuddling this little kitten. Apparently three had been dumped around the camp while I was gone. One had found its way into the girl’s cabin at one point apparently. The kitten chills with us through the night. And in the morning I take care of it for a bit, cause it wont shut up, stupid hungry little thing. We locked it in the “Haunted” chicken coop so it couldn’t get at us.

Oh yea, Cameron Got his arm popped out by Clem. Nice one Clem =D. It was rather dramatic, and then we got to play the worst version of go home stay home I have ever played. Take over 80 kids. Tell them they have to get to one point without being caught, tell them to hide. They all hide really close to the Zone. Now put out about 5 leaders to do the catching. Stir well… what do you get? Ha ha… IT SUCKED. But I’m just a pessimist, and it’s starting to get late as I write this.

Coopers, you have given me many happy memories over the years. This year has been No exception, I’m sure Ill remember some more of this camp at some point or another and come back and write it in. But for now, that is all I can chronicle. Thank you everyone, for the good times, and the convenient times. The bad times, and the “Brain thing” times. The in jokes, and the out jokes. The sun burnt feet, and the “BL” T-shirt which I will always wear, even if people think their smart by saying “Haha, Big Looser.”. Thank you for the Haunted Chicken coop with the body behind it, and the kid who broke his leg. Thank you for, Kids and tires, for which I roll over them with. Thank you for a giant hill which I have used to rip my heels and bruise my body with. Thank you for the opportunity to meet some awesome people. But most of all, thank you for the chance to learn more about God. That one conversation was worth it.