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Merry Christmas Face 2017

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Wow, I’ve been doing Merry Christmas face since blogspot was a thing. No more picture references, that shit looked gross!

I’m pretty happy with how this year shook out in the end. It was a bag of dicks most of the time but it’s turned out great. Most of my mates have houses now, two even moved in right next door, which will make masturbating on the deck a lot harder (if you know what I mean).

I got a new job, which was a gargantuan job. I had it since I was out of uni, and it was eating away as me as a person. I was essentially a husk that was just dipping in and out of wanting to just end it all. Killing yourself is just so much easier than getting a CV together.

Art wise I feel like I’ve been coming up against my weaknesses more and more. But that’s better than never confronting them at all. I have a long way to improve, and you guys are going to see it all happen live on the strip.

In terms of looking forward next year we’re hoping to get fiber installed. This should mean we’ll be back onto regularly streaming on Twitch for you guys! Our uploads are just too unpredictable at the moment. But we’re excited to get back into it. Maybe even do a couple gaming things with Becky.

Merry Christmas everyone, You’re all the best!

Win a Book We’re In!

So we had the honour of contributing a couple words to our friend Zee’s book. It’s for kids looking to get into writing and arting. Our contributions were in the writing one, which I know may be a little confusing considering IZS is mostly known for its pictures, but Kristof does some stellar work here and that shouldn’t go and get forgotten!

We have these two gorgeous books by Z.R. Southcombe up for grabs today! Leave a comment below to enter the draw, and if…

Posted by New Zealand Book Council on Monday, February 13, 2017

The New Zealand Book Council is doing a giveaway at this very moment which you can get involved in. You could enter for a kid you know who’s creativity you want to nurture, or even your own! There’s no cut-off for these sorts of things.

Personally I’m pretty amped, and so is Hubert.


Carpet Creature Fan Art

Becky’s comic yesterday immediately made me want to draw the creature under the bed. I was told that not only did I get the colour totally wrong (he’s carpet coloured, duh) he’s also got two body segments. But canon hasn’t shown that much of him yet! So I get creative licence to do whatever I like.


I should have only drawn his front half as fluffy, and the back half buck naked.

Like a Fiddle

The relationship between Kristof and I is a complicated one. We’re like a band that is constantly fighting over creative differences. It’s fun as long you can hack it. Recently Kristof has been privy to my troll personality, which rears it’s head whenever I’m defied.

Fortunately I know how Kristof will react well enough to do things like this.

Cock joke comic


Auckland Zinefest 2016

So yesterday was Auckland Zinefest. We did a terrible job of telling you all because quite frankly I had no idea what was happening most of the time. We didn’t have our own table, instead being grouped on the community table, which was actually a lot of fun as we got to share the space with a nice collection of folks.

Becky and I got to the Auckland Art Gallery a bit early, along with a couple others. The lady at the door said we could come in but we’d have to come through their back entrance. I’d normally jump at the chance at going through a rear entrance, but this was a bit weird.

We got buzzed through two doors and then just ended up at the front doors the lady had opened to tell us to come through the back entrance. So at least it helped kill a few minutes I guess.

What was cool to see was Becky’s illustration of Dan Fucks Fish (which is based on this comic here) in the Collab Zine. This is a modified version of the poster print. Maybe if we ask nicely becky will share it here.

Kristof did most of the standing from 10 till 4pm, it was pretty brutal on the ol’ limbs. The amount of people coming through were awesome as well, it was pretty much packed the entire time.

I wanted to get a badge that said “feminist” and the conversation eventually devolved into whether I wanted to buy old nazi flags, which I wouldn’t mind. I mean, if it’s an actual vintage flag that’s a big deal! Not a genuine replica made in China bullshit. Becky got pretty upset about this and reasoned that I can’t have Nazi merch because there are still white supremacists. Once again white supremacists ruin all my fun.

Liam was on our table with us and was mint company, he does reviews for Flicks, so check them out. It was also his first zinefest! He had a pretty thick comic out about two kids discussing death for the first time. He used that pitch on a lady and she bought it immediately. The book is based on a script for an animation which never made it to completion. We recommend it, if it’s ever at another zinefest I recommend hunting him down! Oh snap you can totally buy it here.

Our cat provided nothing, but still somehow managed to make an appearance just for hanging out near our stuff.

Kristof Is Finally A Real Person

Yesterday I decided Kristof needed his own pixel character. So I dusted off the mouse that I use every single day at work and quickly banged this little bitch out.

Kristof Pixel Art character

There he is, resplendent in his BMO T-Shirt and pony tail he sporadically has that gives him his writer superpowers.

Also talking about Kristof I’m starting to use my Instagram again. I’m dropping the #zeroplace comic for now (and probably forever) and instead I’m going to have more IZS-centric stuff and comics about us making comics or whatever I feel like really.

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Tauranga Zinefest 2016

It’s the end of the Queens birthday weekend and I and the rest of the IZS crew (including honorary member Zara) just spent most of it in Tauranga serving the good folks there some wholesome lion butt hole.

We stopped in Paeroa for supplies. When we got back out to the car Kristof had a bit of trouble starting the car, due to being an automatic driver native. The first bunny hop is fine, the second spells embarrassment,  the third maybe even a spot of frustration. It’s fine, we were cheering him on. Then this scruffy local comes over to his window and tells him he’s stalling all over the place. Good thing he told us or we would never have noticed! anyway, Kristof yelled at him through the window that “We’re OK!!” grumpily as he fights the arcane powers of the stick.

I wind down the window. “It’s ok, he’s not drunk or anything.”

The guy didn’t believe us as he said we should “be careful, cause the cops will whip you all up in no time!”

Fortunately we did get out of there and did eventually make it to Tauranga, with a few anecdotes along the way.

We got extended to a full table so we could actually spread out our posters for a change! We did a roaring trade in stickers however, everyone was excited for those.

Becky’s poster was once again the darling of the posters. It just pops so well, and all the girls dig it.

I spent most of my time drawing while Kristof acted as the friendly face. Near the end of the day I did some original art on some watercolour paper and people were really stoked with those at well. So original art may become a regular feature at our tables now.

Zinefest got a shot of us (me in red, Becky/Kristof in some sort of excuse for blue). That guy looking at our table told us that our format would work well in a resthome, but we’d have to change all our content first. AKA, old people like comics, but not yours.

It was inspiring seeing everyone else’s stuff. And a lot of the faces at the booths were people we met at the Hamilton Zinefest, so it sort of  feels like a roomful of mates who have similiar choices in hobbies.

It’s really cool seeing people enjoy the strip and get excited about it. Everything from old ladies getting stuff for the grandkids to pro’s interested in our process. I even had fun tutoring one kid who got super excited about my notebook (full of future strips). I know that when I was that age (and somehow got the confidence to talk to someone on the other end of the table) I’d be super stoked to talk to an actual cartoonist.

The cat lived but I don’t know where the scissors have gone, the cat is acting more broody recently. Like she’s planning something.

you might notice I picked up a sticker set from the Hamilton Zinefest, I was dying to get them there but was totally broke, so I made sure I got the set this time.

I’d just like to thank all the people who came and said hi to us and got enthusiastic about our simple little comic. It makes me (and Kristof/Becky) feel real loved, and we couldn’t keep going without you guys.

Sucks for everyone who doesn’t live in the North Island or anywhere in New Zealand and couldn’t make it. But if you’re keen for a set of the comics or want some stickers be sure to check out our store!