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Bonus Comic: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Edit: Since I first drew this comic the devs introduced a save and quit feature, which is a great compromise.

I’ve been binging Kingdom Come: Deliverance this weekend and I’ve been loving it. It’s come at just the right time for me. I’ve been wanting to get into Elder Scrolls again, but the mechanics of it haven’t been getting me very jazzed. Also the stories are a bit eh. Fortunately Kingdom Come has come to Deliverance me.

For some reason people have been comparing it to the Witcher, which is a bit weird. I mean I guess they’re both very heavy on the RPG side of things. I’ve found the story of KC far more engaging than The Witcher so far. Although to be honest, all I remember about The Witcher was that he seemed to be couch surfing from one hot bitch to another. In The Witcher’s favour though I will say that its game world was far more lush with things to do. I guess that’s the bonus about having a world infested with monsters and shit.

The easiest nitpick about KC is the save system. You autosave after mission milestones, at beds and taverns, and finally with the aid of Saviour Schnapps, which lets you save any old time (except combat). This is a limited use item that you have to buy from shop keepers or brew yourself. When you quaff it you also get a bit tipsy, which makes you stumble around when you talk to people, but makes you a bit better at smooth talking them due to your lowered inhibitions.

It hasn’t been a major stumbling block for me, but it has made me feel like I need to give the game so much more than I would with something like Skyrim. I don’t feel like I can dip in and out for five minutes, not least because sometimes loading an interaction with someone sometimes takes a minute of loading screen.

It’s an amazing game though. It’s perhaps the best peasant simulator ever.

Bonus Comic: Sea Of Mehs

There’s a lot to like about Sea of Thieves. Have you seen that water? That fucking water, man. If nothing else they’re going to make a butt ton of money licencing out the engine that makes that water look great.

As for the gameplay loop, it’s a bit eh. It’s fun for a while, but I can’t imagine playing the game any longer than the pirate in this comic does. Maybe I’m wrong, but going back and forth between islands just isn’t my jam.

I know that the whole thing is super fun with friends, but literally, anything is fun with friends. Destiny 2 is a great example of this fact.

Your True Starter Pokemon

I’ve seen a couple complaints that revolve around the Pokemon Go mechanics the starter Pokemon role. AKA, a unique lovable creature you keep with you through your entire journey cause they always wind up the strongest. I can tell you now, there’s only one true starter pokemon.

Pokemon Go Izaksmells comic joke

But seriously, I spend more time worrying about leveling up my character than I do about “catching ’em all.”

It’s pretty bad. I haven’t even got a beedrill because I don’t see it as cost effective for XP. It’s better to just keep evolving those weedles and flicking them off for candy when the get to kakuna.

The one thing that PoGo does good though, it makes me catch the Mons the way I did when I was a kid.

“Hey look, A pokemon I already have… I’M GOING TO CATCH IT.”

Brock never saw what was coming, I had so many pidgeys I overwhelmed him with sheer numbers.