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Set in a world where God has lost the rulebook, IZS melds dark absurdity and wry tragedy.

You’ll find a new comic twice weekly, with the odd extra one thrown in for special occasions. Becky does one of the strips while Izak has the other one covered. Kristof can’t draw for shit so he sticks to writing a bunch of them. He also has the important role of Chief Executive Spellchecker.


Izak Flash

Izak Flash had a real name once but he forgot it. He does graphic design and clickbait as a full time job.

One morning he woke up and decided that  he didn’t want to do a 9 to 5 anymore and set about turning his blog into a webcomic (Because webcomics are like, totally lucrative). He was shortly joined by Kristof & Becky.

In his off time he plays games and canoodles with his wife Becky Hunt.

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Becky Hunt

Becky is a graphic designer & illustrator who works in Auckland, New Zealand.

When she was just out of high school, she tripped and fell into the chasm between art and design, recovered from the mortal wound of not getting into the second year of art school and crawled out the other side as an ungodly combination of designer, illustrator & artist.

When she’s not working, drawing, or reading, you’ll probably find her trying to get her fiancé, Izak Flash, to stop playing games and give her all the cuddles she desires.

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Kristof Haines

Kristof has been searching for talented individuals to leech off (sorry, collaborate with) for many years and though working on Izaksmells may not be his ticket straight to the top, it’s at least a Facebook invite to the lower-middle. But that’s fine – the lower-middle is where all the interesting stuff happens. He sent his first comic concept to Izak as a bit of a joke and then things kind of escalated.

By day he writes clickbait for a company that has spacies machines in the lunchroom. Also by day he writes for and promotes Izaksmells. Nobody knows what he does by night. Better not to ask.

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Comics are like sausages. You should never ask how they’re made. The process is messy, a bit unsavoury and can include pig intestines. But if you still want to peek behind the scenes (we warned you!) sign up below.