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Win a Book We’re In!

So we had the honour of contributing a couple words to our friend Zee’s book.┬áIt’s for kids looking to get into writing and arting. Our contributions were in the writing one, which I know may be a little confusing considering IZS is mostly known for its pictures, but Kristof does some stellar work here and that shouldn’t go and get forgotten!

We have these two gorgeous books by Z.R. Southcombe up for grabs today! Leave a comment below to enter the draw, and if…

Posted by Read NZ on Monday, February 13, 2017

The New Zealand Book Council is doing a giveaway at this very moment which you can get involved in. You could enter for a kid you know who’s creativity you want to nurture, or even your own! There’s no cut-off for these sorts of things.

Personally I’m pretty amped, and so is Hubert.


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