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How to Make Customer Support Fun!

I have a new drinking game for you all. I’m not into my drinking games as I don’t need an excuse to drink and/or game but here it is.

First of all, find a problem that can only be fixed by calling some terrible customer support phone line. Kristof could recommend the Paypal one and I can recommend pretty much every single other one.


Warm up with a quick shot. Now take a shot whenever:

  1. The music loops or switches to a new song.
  2. An automated message tells you “things are real busy but we’ll be with you soon!”
  3. your call gets redirected to another department

When you eventually get a human being and not a computer make sure you yell “You brought this on yourself mutha fuckeerrrrrrrr!” they will understand.

Win conditions

  1. Both sides win if they successfully help you through your problem despite your disability.
  2. The call center wins if you pass out/fall asleep still on the line.

Now calling up customer support will now be something you look forward to!


  1. March 21, 2016

    The point of ‘customer support’ on the phone is usually to get the customer to realize he would be better off dealing with it himself or throwing the product away to go get a new one.

    • izak1399 izak1399 March 22, 2016

      Yah totally right?

      Unfortunately in Kristofs case it’s a screen his paypal account is permanently locked on. It’s prompting him to choose what sort of business he has but the drop down menu is broken (on everyones computers we’ve tried) and nothing lets you move past it. =(

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