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Blobby: Vacuum Monster

18/20. Did you know that Blobby people can get maimed and even die? It’s true.

I’ve been caught up with Elite Dangerous for the last couple weeks, which has slowed my drawing considerably, which isn’t cool. But that game man. It just draws you in! I can’t get enough of it. The community is interesting as well. I’m pretty sure at the tender age of 25 I’m dragging the average age of the players down. Mostly everyone are oldschool fans of the original Elite from 1984, a time I’m incapable of remembering.
Anyway, it’s hardcore and fantastic and you all suck for either not playing it or waiting for Star Citizen instead.

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  1. b00mtastik b00mtastik March 22, 2015

    I love how your vacuum monster has Pacman eyes.

    Also, I hate you, because I finally decided to check up on Elite Dangerous after viewing this blog. And now I want. Even though I know I shouldn't. Decisions, decisions.

    I will say this though; there is one game I'm waiting for, and that is Star Wars Battlefront. Using FrostBite 3 tech from Battlefield? Winning. In the most epic of visual ways.

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