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Killer Instinct: All the Girls

Kim Wu

Killer Instinct is a weird one for me. It was big in arcades back in the day, but I can’t see why it’d be the sort of thing you’d announce as a big title for the Xbox One. It’s pretty weak in my opinion. There are three games in the franchise now, with a grand total of 16 characters across the three games. The characters better be super varied when it comes to strategy and fighting style, because that’s not many to play around with. It’s like have 4 guns to choose from in an FPS. Although I may be being unfair. The first Dead or Alive had 10 characters, while the first and second Killer Instinct had 11. Street Fighter clocked in with 12 and Tekken 1 had a whopping 18.
Sadira, the chick at the bottom is the first female villian the franchise has, and consequently looks like she’s been stolen from Diablo or something. Kim Wu and Maya were from the original games. Go Google image search them, I’m pretty sure they’re trannies. Maya looks like a slightly more exotic Lara Croft with glow sticks.

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