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Snow: Episode 12

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I managed to do this one while juggling baby sitting my nephew and niece with Becky. It was super hard. The parents stuck ’em in bed and they went to sleep and it stayed that way until our job was over.
Strangely this episode was harder to write than last weeks, which was the most text heavy one we have done so far.
We tried viewing the comic via iPhone. It’s a little unwieldy. To make it easier we could stitch an entire episode together rather than having a pile of strips stacked on each other. The problem is that the reading mode where you can click on the top one and scroll through them individually full screened on your desktop would be totally ruined. Hmmm. We’ll have to keep discussing it I think.
Oh yes, I totally did some more pixel art last night, I’ve been itching to do more, but I had to get Snow out the way first. This one is me with a Dwarf to protect me from things that have a weakness against sledge hammers.


  1. Tim McCormack Tim McCormack September 17, 2012

    How does the bot know who stomped it? Or does it not know identity yet, just that it was a human in the area?

    I like the interface the bot at the desk has. 🙂

  2. izak1399 izak1399 September 18, 2012

    I'd have to consult with Matt (Writer), but at a guess I'd say it just knows that it was a human in the area, and has followed the foot prints/trail from where he got originally stomped to that building we see in this episode.

    Ha ha, thanks. I thought it was amusing that the robot was linked to the screen by his face, but he still used a regular keyboard. Heh heh

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