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Minecraft 8bit Art

Me and Matt were playing our seperate games the other day and I was telling him all about the latest misadventure in Dwarf Fortress. Matt cut off with “Man all I think about when you talk about this stuff is Minecraft… I’m gonna play Minecraft.”

As you can tell, Matt has a very linear thought pattern. I decided my boredom with Minecraft could be cast aside for the night in the name of sociability. And besides, the last time I played villagers were a brand new concept. It was amazing. They stood around being creepy and everything… So after mucking around for a while we decided we needed a project to work on. Thus we built our lead protagonist in Project: Snow.
97 blocks tall I think? 70 something wide.


  1. Nitish Prakash Nitish Prakash May 29, 2012

    Man this is awesome! Creative mode?

    Have you guys heard of the next update using Ender Chests? Its like Cloud Storage for your items! Its amazing! Should be awesome for survival mode and stuff. 🙂

  2. izak1399 izak1399 May 29, 2012

    Yeah Matt mentioned that. Should be cool.

    Unfortunately yeah, it is creative mode. It's the first time we've cheated like this. Heh heh.

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