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Crystalline Water

Moment Capturer: Matt

Once again trying out something a little different. Quite a bit different really. I’ve been thinking about what will happen when I finish my Doodle-A-Day-For-A-Year Project. I don’t want this place to become neglected. but I feel like I can’t NOT post images. Ideas getting tossed around at the moment is practicing my creative writing and illustrating a story (spell checked and everything). Or perhaps practicing my digital artistry more. I don’t know. Suggestions would be good. What ever it is it can’t be a repeat of this year, and screw you if that was going to be your suggestion. If you love it so much why don’t you do it! Go marry it for all I care.

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  1. Vanilla Fiction Vanilla Fiction November 27, 2011

    How about a character a week project? On the first day of the week (which is actually Sunday but whatever, on Monday) you choose a facial feature or quirk of someone you've seen and base a character on that quirk. Monday is introduction day, you introduce your character to your blog. For the rest of the week he/she goes on adventures as you draw your character in life situations. Your characters would also meet other week's characters and create some sort of story together.

    I sort of mashed an idea you'd already told me with a few of my own XD

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