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Awesome Conversation

Another random thought I had. Quite often I am the last person to add something to a conversation. Whether the conversation was nearing its natural death or my words were so potent people had to stop to think about it I’m not sure. Sometimes I’m referred to as the human punctuation mark. Which is funny, because I have no idea how to apply punctuation’


  1. Vanilla Fiction Vanilla Fiction June 7, 2011

    haha Harry you crack me up.
    I like this one, mainly coz I can almost hear how the human fullstop would have said it

  2. Izak Flash Man Izak Flash Man June 7, 2011

    The human fullstop doesn't welcome criticism or wise arsery.

  3. Oscar The Third Oscar The Third June 10, 2011

    p.s. it's june, you should really get rid of the NZ music month logo from your blog title. you're welcome again

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