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Footrot Flats

I figured it was about time I did a tribute to all the comics that played a part in my life growing up. A lot of them I had to go back and read later on because I really didn’t understand humour when I was illiterate and 4.

Murray Ball and his footrot flat series were collected by my brother. When he wasn’t looking I would borrow them and devalue them a little. If your from NZ and your reading this, and you don’t know what footrot flats is  I’m extremely disappointed. Ball also did a series called Stanley the Palaeolithic Hero. I only ever saw one copy of one of the books. But it was pretty good. It’s about a glasses wearing runt called Stanley trying to live in a super macho environment of cavemen, dinosaurs and clubs.

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  1. Murray Ball | Izak Smells Murray Ball | Izak Smells March 12, 2017

    […] just found out that we’ve lost Murray Ball, a comics legend here in New Zealand. Footrot Flats (as well as Stanley, which were much harder to find) inspired both Becky and I to do what we do […]

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