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Old joke, new punchline

It’s one of those social faux pas you really don’t want to fall into.

I’ve finally gotten around to finishing up the December video. Not due to length or anything. I just forgot about it for a while. I would say its the least interesting one so far. I’m sure lots of more interesting things happened in that month, I just wasn’t onto it with the camera. I did however make a little something for everyone who likes Keirs face, a wide screen, and a penchant for the colour pink.


  1. Krust Krust January 19, 2011

    Wow! December was boring!!! We must make January AWESOME!!

  2. Izak Flash Man Izak Flash Man January 19, 2011

    That wasn't meant to sound pushy. Lol.

    Lets go get-ta-thinkin collectively! And film it! Rar.

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