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Izak Smells: Ep2

If you can really call a random collection of clips an “episode”. But hey, it helps keeps thing sequential.
The last bit of video in the studios was filmed yesterday. The other ones in the car and the Angry american voice (Which belongs to B00mTastic) were from a week or so back.

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  1. B00mtastik B00mtastik October 9, 2010

    Dude, this video is funny as hell! I love it. Nice one. We should totally do moar! The becky part was pretty awesome too. Music rocks. heh.

    Those your Uni mates?

  2. Izak Flash Man Izak Flash Man October 21, 2010

    Yeah, they are. We were doing a Jam trying to do each others characters.

    And definatly bro! I wanna do a monthly compilation of randomness.

    Of course if we can come up with something more cohesive that would be nice to. But unrehearsed things like this have a more honest flavour.

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