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Skate Or Die

Were Leaving End Of July. Really Scary, they gave us a sheet with all the dates and times for everywhere were going as a team, it only filled an a5 sheet of paper, thats the rest of our year! It Doesnt feel like long to go at all! =(
Bex, if you take up drinking, buying alcohol, and buying fireworks Ill have to come and give you a sound beating.. Apart from the fireworks thing, thats cool. I like celebrating an attempt at blowing up the Government.
On sunday we went and had a picnic on top of a hill overlooking cambridge, It was a real nice day, and a vintage aircraft was doing stunts out there in the clear blue sky.
Zac wasn’t there with us though because his folks came down from auckland to give him a birthday hug etc. He’s no longer a minor! As of 2am this morning.
We got the video camera back and ended up making a new episode of peake. We stayed up real late editing it, in the end I told him to “GO HOME.” lol
After the picnic Me and Jman went to the skate park to check out the local skills. Steven from work showed up and lent me his board. I found out how embarassingly bad I am at skating. lol. got to fall down some stairs though trying to do a grind.
When I got home I realized I had left my glasses behind somewhere on the way home. I was like, oh crud. So Steven (My host dad) Drove me and zac down to have a look. We hunted for ages, and then WOOT. Found em. Thank goodness. I was so sure someone would have nicked them. The same thing happened with Zacs eftpos card. I dropped it somewhere between home and countdown. I spent the entire walk home looking in the pitch black for the friggin card. I found a yugioh card to replace it (Thank goodness), when I got home I found the eftpos card on the floor. -_-
At work a bunch of the guys cornered Zac and gave him a birthday Wedgy. He managed to fend them off by getting Steven in a headlock and Peaky by the throat.

So yea, in a little bit everyones coming over to enjoy pizzaaaaaaaaaaa to celebrate Zacs Birthday.

To…Hungry….Must… Publish. *click*


  1. Bexy Bexy May 21, 2008

    lol I haven’t done anything of the sort!!! The only thing I’ve done was buy a scratchie and I won $2 so that can’t be bad right? =P Oh and went into the liquor store but didn’t get anything lol I was just there to carry stuff.

  2. izak flash man izak flash man May 23, 2008

    To carry the Drink of The Devil! See that, those are capitals, to show its of evil importance. And gambling condems you straight to hell as well. Confess your sins my child. Confess..


  3. Bexy Bexy May 23, 2008

    Hmm….. does getting more piercings condemn me too??? otherwise I think I may be in trouble lol…

    But apart from that…. I confess to NOTHING!!!! Bwahaha you can’t catch me *starts running*

  4. izak flash man izak flash man May 25, 2008

    nah, it doesn’t condem ya. *Gives up and lets her run away.*

    (She’l be back anyway.)

  5. Bexy Bexy May 26, 2008

    psh I don’t need to be back.. I just choose to so I can make sure you’re still alive lol.

    And why is it that I don’t get any txts from you anymore? *shakes head* not cool

  6. kiyo kiyo May 28, 2008

    im pretty sure.
    that you’re going places.

    and that’s pretty insane.
    I knew about munchkin before you did, that game is amazing. XD


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