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Sorry about this

OK, at the moment you may notice that a lot of my more interesting pictures (I.E. The ones which are of people and not silly graffiti) are all showing up as a message from flickr going oops, ha ha, You cant see me (Like John Cena). This is because I have Privatised a lot of my photos on flickr so randoms I don’t like cant see me. Sorry about that.

As soon as I get some more photos Ill do a post about anzac day. Oh it was glorious.


  1. Rebecca Rebecca April 30, 2008

    I can’t believe you mentioned John Cena lol. So proud =P

  2. izak flash man izak flash man May 3, 2008

    Thats all your fault you know. Haha. I need your new cell number btw. lol

  3. Bexy Bexy May 5, 2008

    Of course it’s my fault lol. No, actually it’s YOUR fault for listening tome =P

    Number’s the same as it was, gotta love Vodafone hehe

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